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World Series Game Four Live Blog

Boston - 4 Colorado - 3 FINAL

Geesh, look at Bud Selig, the guy is a mess. How much is he paid. Can he not afford an actual suit?

Well I guess that's it. That's everything. The 2007 World Series was dominated by Taco Bell, but it was eventually won by the Boston Red Sox. Mike Lowell picked up the much deserved MVP Award. Overall, yeah it wasn't really too exciting, though the storylines were there.

It was only by an amazing win streak that the Rockies even made the postseason. Then they swept the Phillies and the Diamondbacks. Coming into the series the Rockies were red hot.

Boston was dominate throughout the season, winning the AL East for the first time since 1995. They were down 3 games to 1, but rebounded, winning 3 straight to get into the World Series. But since then, kinda dull. Oh well, they can't all have Mazeroski hitting a series winning bottom of the 9th walkoff homer in the decisive game 7.

But I'm sure the "Red Sox Nation" is happy. And I'm fine with that, I have no problem with Red Sox fans from Boston (or previously from Boston), it's just everyone from everywhere else who are going to head to the mall, pick up a Red Sox hat. It's those guys that make me root against the Red Sox. Well that and a ridiculously high payroll, but what can you do?

9th Inning
- Well we are here in the 9th and it's a one out game.

- Lowell flies out, Drew grounds out, and Varitek goes down swinging.

- Well now it's all on the Rockies bats. It's 4-3, Boston, and they have 3 outs.

- Torrealba is up first in the 9th. A grounder to second, one out.

- Jamey Carroll comes up second to pinch hit. A deep hit to the wall in left field, but Ellsbury pulls it down on at the wall. Collectively Colorados heart just sank.

- Seth Smith up third. The Red Sox are only an out away.

- Strike Three. The Red Sox win it all.

8th Inning
- Fox just showed a shameless montage of clips of the World Series and American Idol. Pathetic.

- And in baseball news the Red Sox have extended the lead with a pinch hit homer by Bobby Kielty. 4-1.

- BREAKING NEWS: A-Rod is opting out. Wow. What kind of timing is that? Really, it's kind of the most exciting thing to happen all night. Way to show up the World Series A-Rod.

- Ellsbury singles, but Pedroia hits into a double play. Two down. The Colorado defense really has been up to the challenge of the Sox hitters this series, it's a shame the Rockies bats didn't show up.

- Ortiz walks and Coco Crisp is gonna come in to run for him. At the same time Corpas comes in to pitch for the Rockies.

- Manny strikes out. Three down.

- Rockies are down 4-1 and only have 6 outs left in their 2007 season.

- Hideki Okajima takes the mound for the Sox in the 8th.

- Holliday strikes out. One down. Helton hits a seeing-eye grounder and ends up on first. The tying run is on deck.

- Garrett Atkins might have just made a game out of this. He sent a two-run shot into the left field stands, putting the Rockies within 1. 4-3

Could we actually see some action in this series?

- Okay, this littering commercial raises a question I've been pondering. Throwing plastic bottles and whatnot on the ground is definitely littering, and probably not that cool. But I contend that if something is biodegradable, like a banana peel or whatever, it's not littering. I'm just saying, it's good for the soil, I think.

- ANYWAYS, Papelbon is in for the Red Sox now, looking to protect the one run lead.

- Spilborghs grounds out, and Hawpe flies out. Papelbon is as close as there is to a sure thing.

7th Inning
- 3 nothing Boston. Lowell sent one deep into left field, and it looks like that's it for Aaron Cook tonight. He's had a great game, just no run support. Cooke went 6 innings, allowing 3 runs on 6 hits.

- It looks like Jeremy Affeldt is coming in for the Rockies. We'll see how long he lasts tonight.

- Affeldt just struck out JD Drew, and I think he thought that was it for the inning. He started walking towards the dugout before realizing it was only the first out. No, it's alright, just play it cool. I don't think any of the millions of people watching noticed.

- Varitek singled, but Lugo grounded into an unassisted doubleplay by Helton.

- Seventh inning stretch, and some country band that I've never heard of. Apparently they have sold 10 million albums. In related news, in general people have poor musical taste.

- Brad Hawpe after seeing the treatment other leadoff hitters recieved after getting on base, decides to do it all himself and sends one into the right field bleachers. And the Rockies finally put a run on the board. 3-1.

- Torrealba flies out. One out. Pinch hitting for Affeldt is Corey Sullivan who hits a grounder up the middle for a single.

Matsui is now up to bat and represents the tying run. Are the Rockies actually going to get into this game?

- Mike Timlin is now on the mound for the Bo Sox.

- Matsui strikes out. Two outs, and the Rockies are threatening to strand another runner. And I think they mean it, they've done it before.

- Tulowitzki strikes out, again. Rockies strand, again. Red Sox a mere 6 outs away from the World Series, and all it took was a salary about 56 million dollars more than the league median.

6th Inning
- Another 1, 2 , 3 for Aaron Cook. The guy is out there doing it all. He gets Pedroia, Ortiz and Ramirez all to ground out.

- The guys at FOX are obsessing over this poll question which Red Sox team is better, this season's or 2004's. Everyone seems to agree it's this years squad, but the 04 Sox won more games in the regular season, and were up against a much tougher Yankees team in the AL East, and eventually in the playoffs.

- Holliday pops out and Helton lines out.

- Jon Lester just hit 90 pitches, this should be it for him after the 6th.

- Adkins walks and Lester is done for the evening. He went 5.2 scoreless innings, allowing only 3 hits.

- You know the deal. Rockies inning over, runner stranded. Boston is 9 outs away from a World Series ring.
5th Inning
- Lowell opens the 5th by smacking the first pitch he sees for a double.

- Variteks grounder gets through the right side of the infield and Lowell scores from 2nd. 2-0 Red Sox.

- Lugo singles up the middle. Runners on 1st and 2nd for the pitcher Jon Lester.

- Joe and Tim are talking about how tough it must be on the Red Sox pitchers who actually have to hit. Yes, those poor little things who have designated hitters hit for them every other game of the season. Lester attempts to bunt, but strikes out.

- Cook strikes out Ellsbury. 3 hits, 1 run, and the Red Sox take their turn stranding 2 runners.

- This games moving right along, and we're already in the 6th. But I'll tell you, if the Rockies don't wake up offensively they are going to very quickly find their season over.

- Immediately following the commentators second guessing the decision to allow Cook hit, Cook lays down a well placed bunt for a single. On the evening, Aaron Cook is 1 for 2, the rest of the Rockies hitters are 2 for 16.

- Matsui pops out and Tulowitzki grounds out. Red Sox are only 12 outs away.

4th Inning
- Both pitchers are off to dominating starts. Aaron Cook has not allowed a hit since the 1st.

- Pedroia grounds out, Ortiz pops out and Ramirez lines out. Another 1, 2, 3. Cooks only thrown 42 pitches through 4 innings.

- Helton grounds out and Atkins lines one to the shortstop.

- Spilborghs walks, and the Rockies have someone on with two outs. Lets see if they can move him around the bases some. So far tonight Colorado is stranding people like they are the SS Minnow.

- Hawpe flies out to end the inning.

- Terry Francona says the pitch count on Lester is probably somewhere around 90 pitches. He's at 68 pitches.

3rd Inning
- It seems like half the commercials for sporting events are for all these wealth management companies. Funds, stocks and whatnot. Apparently all the other sports fans must have a lot of money.

- Julio Lugo, Jon Lester and Jacoby Ellsbury ground out. Another 1, 2, 3 inning.

- Talk to your kids about steroids, because they are dangerous. Fail one of those tests and you are screwed. HGH is pretty much undetectable though.

- Aaron Cook flied out to right. Then Matsui hits one that gets over Manny in left for a double. Ramirez is under contract through next season (with a team option for 2 more) but there's been talk of dealing Manny in the past. I would certainly be interesting to see him have to play outfield outside of the Fenway's tiny outfield.

- Lester strikes out Tulowitzki and Holliday, another runner stranded by the Rockies.

2nd Inning
- Mike Lowell grounds out, JD Drew pops out, and Jason Varitek grounds out. At this pace the game will be over by a little after 10.

-Todd Helton stretched an outfield hit into a double. Garrett Adkins grounds out and Spilborghs flies out, advancing Helton to third with 2 outs. Brad Hawpe walks. Runners on the corners. Yoruit Torrealba could really wake up Coors park with an RBI hit.

- Torrealba grounds out and the Rockies strand 2.

1st Inning
- Fred Willard just read the Red Sox's lineup card. Which is actually kind of awesome. Also kind of awesome, I just sat through the half hour pregame show and I didn't hear or see Eric Byrnes once.

- Jacoby Ellsbury leads off the game with a double, and is moved over to third by Dustin Pedroia on a ground out. A David Ortiz grounder gets through the Rockies infielders who are playing in, and Ellsbury scores. Here we go again. Red Sox - 1 Colorado - 0

- Manny Ramirez grounds into a twin killing, and thats it for the Red Sox in the first. 2 Hits, 1 run.

- Brad Garrett, also known as Raymond's cop brother, read the Rockies line-up. He is no Fred Willard.

- Kaz Matsui pops out, Troy Tulowitzki strikes out, and Matt Holliday grounds out. 1, 2, 3.


Tonight could be everything for the Boston Red Sox, as they sit only one win away from clinching the 2007 World Series. For the Colorado Rockies, they face the seemingly insurmountable task of coming back from 3 games back in a 7 game series.Game four is tonight at 8:30 in Colorado.

Jon Lester (4-0, 4.57 ERA) will start tonight for the Red Sox. He has yet to start in the postseason, but he pitched 3 scoreless innings in relief against the Cleveland Indians in Game 4. Lester is starting in place of Tim Wakefield who was left off Boston's World Series roster due to injury.

Taking the mound for the Rockies is Aaron Cook (8-7, 4.12 ERA). Cooke has not pitched in the majors since August 10th due to a strained left oblique muscle.

I've been pulling for the Rockies all series, but at this point I guess I'm willing to concede that the Red Sox will in all likelihood once again be World Series Champs. Though it would be nice for Colorado to win at least one, and force the series back to Boston. That way the Rockies can save face, giving their home crowd a win, and the Sox can go on to win the Series at home. But with the dominance Boston has shown, I don't know if that's in the cards.

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