Thursday, February 17, 2011

Official NHL Concussion Test

After Maple Leaf Mikhail Grabovski returned to the ice the other night after "getting his bell wrung" a couple times by Zdeno Chara, more than a few people questioned whether Grabovski was playing with a concussion. Brian Burke put at ease everyone by explaining that he had been checked out and definitely did not have a concussion.

This comes only a handful of weeks after Sidney Crosby definitely did not get a concussion after being blind-sided in the Winter Classic. He suited up for the Penguins next game against Tampa, where, as we all know to be true because it is the official story, he was concussed by much tamer run-of-the-mill contact along to the boards.

As we are discovering more and more about the health threats associated with concussions I am thankful the our professional sports leagues and their training staffs are not taking the matter lightly.

Now for the first time we have a copy of the very concussion test given to any player suspected of having a concussion before they are ok'd to return to the ice: