Sunday, October 21, 2007

If It's Good Enough For Alec Baldwin

I really didn't like the whole Halloween costume thing when I was growing up. Dressing up was just what you had to do in order to pocket a load of Reese Cups and fun size Snicker bars. Usually it meant I threw on a little league jersey and grabbed my glove. Then I learned if I was a hockey player, I could hit more houses wearing roller blades. The objective was clear, collect the most candy possible. Or at least get more than my brothers.

Now, I can just head to a drug store and pick up a couple bags of Dots and some candy corn, and I have every intention to on the first day of November when they are on sale. So more and more it's about coming up with a great costume while everyone else is dressed as a pirate. Yes, the pirate costume is the new spiderman costume, just don't do it. But as is the case with a lot of humor, it's a battle between being clever and not being too obscure. That was what I was afraid of as I considered being Tim Donaghy, as known as that basketball referee who fixed those games.

But it looks like my idea may get a bump from the breaking report that the NBA has disciplined 6 other officials after the complete investigation that followed the Donaghy scandal. It looks like the league is just trying to lay down the law, and most of these refs were guilty of minor infractions, like going to a Casino. But now my costume is a little more current of an event.

And then there is this past Thursday's "30 Rock". It's no secret I watch television. I like television, and I don't understand people who don't. It's entertainment. I read books, I play video games, and I watch TV. But anyways, on the latest episode of "30 Rock" Jack Donaghy (played by the genius that is Alec Baldwin) the former "Vice President of East Coast Television and Microwave Oven Programming", hires a private investigator to vet his past and turn up anything his bosses might find as they consider him for a promotion.

When asked if his family has any skeletons, he mentions a brother Eddie who sells faulty sprinklers to elementary schools, a mother who is an Olympic level racist, and, oh yeah, a cousin Tim who fixes NBA games.

Well hell, if the jokes good enough for Alec Baldwin, it should suffice plenty for my Halloween costume. Now I just need to track down a striped shirt, maybe one of those poker visors, and some stuff some cash in every pocket.

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