Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Game Blogging the World Series

Yes, that is right, Every Facet of the Game will be blogging the World Series live from in front of the television. Game blogging kind of sounds dorky, but over at CBS Sportsline they call it glogging, which is about 17 and a third times worse. I wanted to call it Live Blogging, but I think that means that I've actually got to be at the stadium and not, as I said, parked in front of the tv with my laptop and a bowl of ramen noodles.

But really, what does this all mean? Well starting tonight at about 8pm when the Red Sox and Rockies kick off the 2007 World Series, I'll be here frequently updating with snarky comments about the announcers, random observations about the fans behind home plate, deep scrutiny of the commercials, and maybe even some game commentary. Surely a good time that should be missed by none.

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