Thursday, April 16, 2009

Keeping 'Em Honest

People love to make predictions. And for good reason, there is practically no downside to it. If I tell you the Kansas City Royals are gonna win the pennant this year and they don't, not a soul is going to remember. On the other hand, if the Royals defy the odds I look like a genius. And I will almost certainly bring it up at every possible opportunity for the next three to five years. Every single opportunity. If I ever get that Nobel Peace Prize, during my acceptance speech, I assure you somehow I will work the fact that I drafted Mark Streit in the 22nd round of my 2007-08 fantasy draft and lauded him as the top defenseman he turned out to be. 

See, you just can't lose with predictions. So people make them, constantly. From the Academy Awards to your horoscopes. I'm pretty sure its how weather forecasts started. Lord knows I make them. I'm as guilty as anyone. Your talking to the guy that filled out a Fantasy Electorial College Map this past November.

That being said, just perhaps things have gone a little too far with these NHL playoff predictions. Just maybe. Last year, before my detour at the Pensblog and several months of sitting around doing nothing, I kept a little chart going around these parts to keep track of some of the picks being made out there. You can actually see it as the post directly below (I told you I haven't been doing anything). And there is just no way I don't bring it back this post-season. Not only just to improve on my mediocre 9-6 record, but also to keep everyone a little more honest.

And also, maybe for just a little bit of bragging rights when the Bruins collapse in the first round.


And not to house their selections without due credit, your prognosticators are:

Barry Melrose, Pierre LeBrun, EJ Hradek, Scott Burnside, John Buccigross, and Matthew Barnaby (ESPN)

Maggie the Monkey, Bob McKenzie, James Duthie, Darren Pang, and Peter Laviolette (TSN)

Greg Wyshynski and Sean Leahy (Puck Daddy)

James Mirtle (From the Rink)

and Kevin Shultz (Barry Melrose Rocks and Fanhouse)