Thursday, October 25, 2007

Philadelphia Marathon Update: 23 Days

Things are really moving quickly, I've only got about 3 more weeks to go. Last update I was full of doubt, but I've had some good runs and slowly my confidence is building up. On Saturday I ran 10 miles, and this Saturday I'm shooting for 15 miles. Though I'm still left wondering just how accurate Google Maps are when it comes to short distances. I think for the longer runs, like the 15 miles, I may head to a local high school track for something a little more precise. Part of me is hoping that my normal routine is longer than the advertised 2.5 miles, and a little part of me is scared that it's shorter.

The big news is, however, that apparently no headphones are allowed at the marathon. That just doesn't seem right. Don't listening to music and running go hand in hand? I'm gonna go ahead and guess this is a rule that everyone breaks, because I'm not sure how I'd do without my mp3 player. Like I've said before, running is incredibly boring.

At this point my goal is to hit 20 miles by the 6th of November, that should give me almost two weeks to slow things down and recoup before the marathon. I'm now confident I will finish, the only question is at what pace. Currently the over-under is looking like somewhere around 5 hours, but I'd really like to drop that to 4 1/2.

I think sometime this week I'm gonna actually make the plunge and submit my application and payment. Which along with buying a pair of running shoes, will probably clear me out. I guess it's time I start filling out some applications of the job variety.

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