Thursday, November 15, 2007

A-Rod and Yankees agree on 10 year $275 deal

Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees have agreed on the outline of a 10 year $275 million contract.

After three weeks of intrigue and mystery, well, it kind of looks like we are right back at where we started. A-Rod sat with 3 years left on his contract at $27 million a year. Of course Rodriguez and agent Scott Boras announced during the deciding game of the World Series that he would opt out of the deal. It was widely viewed as an attempt to one-up the Series, something both Rodriguez and Boras denied. And I sort of believe them, timing has always been a problem for A-Rod, you only need to see him in a playoff game to see that.

The Yankees promised that if he opted out of the deal, a contract that was still being paid for in part by the Texas Rangers, that they wouldn't negotiate. Boras speculated that Rodriguez would be worth as much as a billion dollars to whichever franchise put up the money for a 10-year $350 million deal. But in the end, there wasn't really anywhere else for A-Rod to go. The Yankees and Alex Rodriguez were made for each other. Without the deep pockets of the Yankees in the bidding it didn't look possible for A-Rod and Boras to get what they wanted from another franchise. And when it comes down to it, love them or hate them, the New York Yankees will do whatever it takes to put the most talented players on the field.

In the end, it's a little unclear who came out on top of the new deal. The Yankees cracked after vowing to not negoiate with A-Rod if he opted out, and in turn Rodriguez's deal looks to be about $80 million less than what he and Boras were looking for. More than anything, it just looks like both sides realized they were stuck with each other, and attempted to save face. So A-Rod will continue to cash colossal checks and the Yankees will have perhaps the greatest player in the game on the field.

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