Monday, November 19, 2007

Is Mike Tyson Still Sports News?

How long before Mike Tyson's indiscretions stop being filed under sports new? It seems about once a month his name finds it's way into the sports media's front-lines, most recently for being sentenced to 24 hours in jail stemming from a drug possession and DUI charge from September. But at this point Tyson is as much of a boxer as Paris Hilton is an actress.

Sure Tyson was an boxer first, the best in the world at one point, but how far is that going to get you? Do we still think of OJ Simpson as the Hall of Fame running back? Tyson really has not played the role of anything but media clown since his release from prison in 1995. When he's trying to keep his feet, it's financially, not in the ring. And by following his numerous and continuous outrageous actions are we playing the role of anything but the sideline enabler?

Tyson still gets fights, not because he's a great boxer. He's shown time and time again that he is no where near the same boxer he was before being sentenced to 3 years in 1992 on rape charges. Since his unsuccessful comeback he's lost to everyone from the best in the game to journeymen. Mike Tyson gets fights because he's a train-wreck, and it's bound to garner attention from sports media.

But Tyson will do his 24 hours in jail. Two bags of cocaine and driving under the influence, on top of his rap sheet that includes everything from rape to assault to drug charges, and he'll spend a day in jail. Oh, and some probation and community service. Yeah, that'll do it. In no time he'll continue his tour of exhibition bouts and in all likelihood he'll add much more to his criminal record than he will to his boxing record.

But when this happens again, rest assured, the sports media will be there.

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