Thursday, November 15, 2007

- The NFL has reinstated Ricky Williams after a year and a half suspension, but the Dolphins are still undecided on whether or not to activate him. And really, why should they even risk throwing off the team chemistry?

- When you opt out of the largest contract in the history of American professional sports in hopes for an even larger one, and in the process take perhaps the largest bidder in sports out of the running, well, let's just say there's some risk involved. Looks like A-Rod has returned hat-in-hand to the Yankees looking for a deal.

- The Celtics stay undefeated with a 91-69 win over the Nets last night, which is great, because that's really what the sports world needs right now, another winning Boston team.

- After 3 weeks the Flyer's finally admit that Simon Gange is suffering from a concussion, but there was no deception or attempts to skirt the league's concussion mandate. After all, how could they even know, it's not like they have world class medical personal. Though actually after Eric Lindros and Keith Primeau I'd imagine a Flyer's fan could diagnose one from the cheap seats.

- Remember when everyone said the Predators and Nashville had reached a deal that would keep the team in town? Guess what, they didn't. The Predators ability to stay in Nashville and lose millions of dollars remains in jeopardy.

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