Tuesday, April 3, 2007

As expected, I broke like the Kosheish Dam (History Channel) and purchased the MLB.tv package. I only picked up the monthly deal, I figure I'll feel it out and see how I like it. It's the standard package (400k) not the premium package (700k), but it seems to be streaming fine and looking alright. I'm guessing with MLB's exclusive television deal with Direct TV subscription is probably going through the roof.

So you might ask me why I would do something like this. Why, when I'm already near broke, would I invest in this? It's certainly not because the current Bucs line up inspires a great deal of hope of making a playoff spot. They haven't had a winning season since I was 6. Their meager 40 million payroll is less than a fourth of the Yankee's. Vegas puts their odds of winning the World Series at 100 to 1. I say they are being generous.

So why? Because just like a million other schmucks out there, the Sports Industry has had me hook-line-and-sinker ever since I was 4 years old. Like the guy in New York who year after year dumps a couple grand on Jets season tickets, the kid who gets a couple packs of cards with his weekly allowance, or the person who answer's the phone "I'm taping the padres game, don't tell me the score". We're all suckers. Life long addicts. But then again, there's nothing I'd rather do than sit on my couch and take in 9 innings on a cool spring afternoon.

Even when my teams bullpen squanders a 2 run lead in the 7th.

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