Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Keeping 'Em Honest

I have something of an obsession with keeping score of everything. Counting the amount stoplights I hit on my way to work, or the amount of tiles there are on the floor. I quantify anything I come across.I justified the purchase of my expensive running shoes by figuring I had only paid about 13 cents a mile.

Clearly I am not all right in the head.

That, teamed with my love of hockey, is what brings us to another post-season trying to keep the experts honest.

Every year anyone with a soapbox to stand on makes their play-off predictions. And I do, as well. It's fun and it gives us a rooting interest in some series that we might be torn on. However, because of my pathological need to know the score, I like to put together a chart like the one below. That way when my picks perform better than anyone who makes a living doing this, I can celebrate and tell myself how awesome I am. 

click image to see full-size

As is usually the case, I'll probably add to this list as I stumble upon other predictions. It is currently short many voices from TSN, but only because they must have the common sense to not publish their predictions on the internet to be remembered forever. I wish I had the same discretion when, in an early season panic, I tweeted that the horrible Penguins defense would allow 260 goals this season.


Ziggyny said...

I think your Detroit-Phoenix total column is missing a predicted win for Detroit.

Justin said...

Nice eye.Thanks.

Amit Parashar said...

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