Saturday, April 12, 2008

Man vs, Machine: 1st Round Playoff Picks

I've kept to my word a put together a nice little graphic to compare the playoff picks from a handful of places. The other blogs are, of course, Barry Melrose Rocks and Going Five Hole. Then I threw up the picks of the almighty James Mirtle, ESPN's mullet wearing Barry Melrose, and John Buccigross. I think I'll probably add a few more in the future. I wanted to get The Pens Blog picks up here, but all their contributors made different picks and I don't think they picked the amount of games. Either way, I figure I'll get around to tracking down some more commentators picks*, suggestions are welcome.

Matched up against the commentators and bloggers, in a real battle of man versus machine, is the official EA Sports NHL '08 simulations. This is the real test, the day a robot predicts the playoffs more accurately than our favorite hockey media figures is the day the robot invasion officially begins. That's reserved for cute fuzzy monkeys.

And just so I'm not stealing all these peoples picks without giving proper linkage:

Barry Melrose Rocks
Going Five Hole
NHL 08
James Mirtle
Barry Melrose and John Buccigross

* Because were all dying to know who a bunch of guys who have been fired from their NHL jobs think about the first round match-ups.


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Appreciate the plug! Can't wait to see how this all works out.

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