Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Chris Simon Recieves 30 Game Suspension

In another notable suspension handed down from the NHL league office, New York Islanders Chris Simon has found himself with a some mandated time off around the holidays, and a good deal after that. Simon, who already has a storied history with the leagues disciplinary committee, received a 30 game suspension for a stomping incident that occurred Saturday night against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

In the 3rd period, down 3-2, Chris Simon slue footed Penguins irritator Jarko Ruutu and then proceeded to stomp on Ruutu's foot while he laid on the ice. Simon received a 5 minute major penalty and a game misconduct for intent to injure. Ruutu hobbled off the ice, but was able to return to the game.

By this point the league office probably has Simon on the speed dial. It was only 9 months ago that he received a 25 game suspension after he took a baseball swing with his stick at New York Ranger Ryan Hollweg's face. Saturday night's incident happened in only Simon's 26th game returning from the suspension. But those are just the most recent of 7 suspensions Simon has totaled.

1997 - Suspended 3 games after directing racial epitaph towards Edmonton Oilers Michael Grier
2000 - Suspended 1 game after cross checking Penguins Peter Popovic in the throat
2001 - Suspended 2 games after elbowing Ander Eriksson
2004 - Suspended 2 games for cross checking and then jumping on and punching Tampa Bay Lightning's Ruslan Fedotenko
2004 - Suspended 4 games for kneeing Dallas Stars Sergei Zubov
2007 - Suspended 25 games for swinging stick at Rangers Ryan Hollweg
2007 - Suspended 30 games for stomping on Penguins Jarko Ruutu


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