Monday, September 10, 2007

Another MLB Player Reported to Have Recieved Steriods

Rick Ankiel on Thursday. Troy Glaus on Friday. And last night, Orioles outfielder Jay Gibbons.

Sports Illustrated's Luis Fernando Llosa and L. Jon Wertheim reported Gibbons as latest player to be involved in the growing saga that has become Florida's Signature Pharmacy. Gibbons allegedly received HGH and steroids from the internet distributor from September of 2003 through May of 2004.

With each report of an MLB player's use of performance enhancing steroids and human growth hormone my interest in the season deflates. One who followed the Rick Ankiel story can't help but feel as if there is nothing to get excited about in baseball anymore.

To Ankiel's credit, he has come out publicly and owned up to using HGH. He has claimed they were prescribed by a license physician during recovery from reconstructive elbow surgery. However, unless Ankiel is a female suffering from Turner syndrome or has a growth hormone deficiency, it stands to reason he shouldn't have prescriptions for human growth hormones Saizen or Genotropin.

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